A Love For Aesthetics: The Hob Nob Shop

“…We have assiduously and obsessively learned about our customers–not only our regulars, but even those who roam into the store by chance. We are driven by the desire to render more beautiful and exciting, the lives of our customers through our selection of clothes…”

Two generations later; a product of a mother’s and daughter’s hard work to create a place where women can feel sexy, attractive, comfortable and always at a reasonable price, The Hob Nob Shop features stylish and well curated women’s clothing and accessories — from the everyday to the special day wears. The Hob Nob Shop actually has quite a long history: founded as Giftime about 15 years ago, the shop sold gifts and wares of the souvenir and tourist variety. Hoping to differentiate from similar shops in the area, the little shop wondered how to expand merchandise and diversify into something more than a store where you bought replica samurai swords, kimonos, parasols and other trinkets.

The calling was fashion, looking to satisfy a niche of customers searching for styles that were flattering and had a fit that was just right. After a 2-week hiatus of remodeling and revamping, the souvenir store transformed into The Hob Nob Shop. The intimacy of the fashion boutique and love of aesthetics is a reflection of its owners who strive to be actively engaged with and hope to play a part in the lives of those who wear their clothes. Their doors are always open for curious pioneers who want to join in on their adventure to define beauty.


The Hob Nob Shop

141 Japanese Village Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 626-7207


published on November 5, 2015