A Weekend of Culinary Experiences in the Heart of LA!

Delicious Little Tokyo 2017

By 1943, LA’s Japantown transformed into the heart of black LA: Bronzeville.

The Community That Was Once Called Bronzeville

“Insurance is not always fun, but they make up for it…”

More Than Just Insurance: The J. Morey Company, Inc.

The Hob Nob Shop features stylish and well curated women’s clothing and accessories.

A Love For Aesthetics: The Hob Nob Shop

A cultural gem in the heart of Little Tokyo since 1946

Anzen Hardware

Visit utility box art installations in Little Tokyo

Art & Sustainable Little Tokyo


Go Little Tokyo is a community led effort aimed at highlighting the unique cultural programs, community events, and dining and shopping experiences found in Little Tokyo. As one of Los Angeles’ most vibrant cultural hubs, there is an abundance of destinations and landmarks in and around this historic walkable neighborhood, and Go Little Tokyo will help you uncover them.